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If you have had work done by Anton please leave a comment. It would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Anton’s knowledge and experience have helped him become an important figure in the Winnipeg musical scene – doing quality repairs and re-hairs as well as making his own fine violins. He has always made me feel welcome in his workshop and has supplied some excellent instruments and bows for my students. He is generous with his advice, and I enjoy his sense of humour.

    Recently I purchased a violin from Anton for myself, a lovely old Italian violin which he repaired and set up. I fell in love with its sound while I was looking for instruments for my students, and now I have the honour of being able to play it myself.

    Thank you Anton!

  2. Daniel Koulack

    I first met Anton six years ago when I brought in an instrument for repair. Since then we have had many dealings – other repairs, bow re-hairs, purchases of instruments both for myself and for my students, and I have found Anton to be a person of absolute integrity, and a pleasure to do business with.

    Several years ago I decided to purchase a violin built by Anton for my daughter – a Bergonzi model with an extraordinarily deep and warm and clear tone. In the following months I became so overcome with jealousy that I was forced to buy another violin built by Anton – a Strad model with an indescribably rich tone.

    We both love our violins, and count them among our most prized possessions…the only thing better than one of Anton’s violins is two!!!!

    Thank you!

  3. Richard Moody

    “After 10 years of searching, I am so happy to have finally found my instrument. Artistry, craftsmanship, and sound: Anton’s violins have it all.”

    Richard Moody,
    The Wailin’ Jennys, Swing Soniq, The Bills, Woody Holler, Paris to Kyiv

  4. Colin Repas

    The service Anton provides is top grade. Whenever I need to purchase or repair an instrument, he’s the sole person I rely on, every time. All violins crafted by Anton are exquisite, a true joy to play on.

    I recently commissioned myself an instrument from him, and the experience was a extraordinary. After trying out several of his models and even selecting the wood from his collection, I decided on a Bergonzi model. The instrument is finely crafted with a beautiful tone, a true joy to play. I can honestly say I’ve never been more pleased with a purchase ever.

    Thanks Anton!

  5. I purchased a violin that was built by Anton last year. It is a Guarneri model. The wood and appointments are both beautiful and toneful. As the first owner if the instrument I am thrilled to open up the sound of this fine instrument. It sounds better every time I play it.
    Anton is always willing to answer questions that I have and to share his expertise with me.

  6. I recently had repairs done by Anton to my hand-made German fiddle, and can safely say Anton has done a spectacular job. The sound has improved tremendously. Having played since I was ten years old, and later in two symphony orchestras, and have had my violins repaired by leading makers in Toronto and Montreal, it is obvious that Anton’s craftsmanship is tops in Canada. His reputation also extends across North America and Internationally. I am pleased to know this gifted artist.

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